For Emotionally Exhausted Christian Women

New book reveals how to Recover From Past Toxic Relationships & Thrive As A Highly Sensitive Christian Woman

...even if You Feel Stuck In The Past

Before we embark on this journey together, I want you to understand...

⚠️ This may be the most important book you ever read ⚠️

✨ If you're seeking a profound transformation—a lasting change that illuminates your path to true joy and fulfillment—then you're in the right place.

Embracing emotional healing is a courageous act, one that opens the door to a life of boundless possibility and radiant inner peace. It's not about quick fixes or temporary solutions. It's about committing to the transformative process.

✨ Emotional trauma is like a mountain to climb, but with each step forward, you'll discover newfound strength and resilience within yourself.

Your journey toward healing is an opportunity for profound self-discovery and growth, a journey that promises to lead you to the brightest version of yourself.

✨ Remember, no one can walk this path for you, but you are never alone.

You hold the power within you to navigate this journey with grace and courage. Coaches and therapists can offer guidance and support, but the true magic lies in your willingness to embrace the journey and take ownership of your healing.

So, if you've arrived here, know that you're already on the path to transformation. Welcome to a journey of self-discovery, empowerment, and unwavering resilience.

Let me introduce myself.

Hi, I'm Elle Angel 👋

I am a Trauma-Informed Life Coach that helps Christian women release emotional trauma through faith-based coaching practises so they can finally begin to feel safe, build a trusting relationship with God, and experience emotional freedom.

I don't have to know you personally to know that you have a big, bright, beautiful heart...

And the LAST thing you'd want, is for anyone to go through the pain you experienced.

Especially your family.

But when we don't heal from trauma, we inadvertently pass it on to our loved ones.

I call this "Second-Hand Trauma".

The thing this, if your pain has gotten past the point of holding it in...

It's probably already started

bleeding into your marriage and parenting

And you're probably starting to experience things like:

⚠️ Lashing out at those you love

⚠️ Feeling overwhelmed and overstimulated

⚠️ Having a nervous system that's in chronic fight or flight.

⚠️ More arguments in the house

⚠️ A crippling feeling of guilt because you know your woundedness is playing a part in the turmoil.

⚠️ Anxiety - which can keep you from doing simple things like going outside or spending time with others

⚠️ Depression - which can make time slip away faster than you want causing you to miss out on precious moments.

⚠️ Chronic fatigue - so you don't have the energy to spend quality time with your family

Don't be fooled...

These pitfalls don't go away on their own.

Instead, they tend to get worse with time as your broken heartedness and emotional exhaustion increases.

After coaching wounded women for the last eleven years and after being in abusive relationships for over 30 years, I noticed specific patterns and traps that highly sensitive Christian women tend to fall into that keep them struggling to stay afloat in their own huge emotions and watching their pain become their family's pain.

This inspired me to write a faith based, scripture backed book for Christian women called...

Kintsugi Heart: how to Recover From Past Toxic Relationships & Thrive As A Christian Empath

This isn’t like any other “Christian Book About Emotional Trauma” you’ve ever heard of.

In just 144 pages, it teaches how to recover from past toxic relationships and thrive as a highly sensitive Christian woman using the unique methods I've used with my clients directly in 1-on-1 coaching sessions including topics such as:

📖 Why so many highly sensitive women only ever find TEMPORARY relief from trauma (page 5)

📖 Why you're getting trapped in endless cycles of abuse (PAGE 42)

📖Trauma is like a vacuum that never turns off on it's own and HOW to finally shut it down (PAGE 61)

📖 The REAL reason narcissists are drawn to empaths like moths to a flame ( PAGE 83)

📖 A MAJOR pitfall anyone on a healing journey needs to avoid (PAGE 6)

📖 The snare that many empaths get trapped in early on in life (Satan uses this one as a doorway for spiritual attack)

But that's not all...

It's about more than just healing

Your own unresolved emotion trauma.

✅ It's about stopping your abusers from reaching your loved ones through second hand trauma.

✅ It's about releasing the past and taking your life back.

✅ It's about finally being able to live out your God-given purpose.

And the best part of this is it’s specifically written for…

broken Hearted Christian Women

Who Feel Overwhelmed by their Empathy

Listen, if you've tried therapy and other self help books but still feel like you're drowning in grief and lost in the fog of trauma, it's ok - I've been there.

It can feel frustrating and hopeless to spin your wheels for so many years and never feel like you're getting better.

There are so many techniques and teachers out there.

Everyone claims to have the answer and yet, a lot of them are quick fixes that don't provide long lasting relief.

So if you're feeling hesitant because you don't want to spend more time and effort on something that isn't going to move the needle for you, I get you.

And that’s why I’ve spent years optimizing the methods I’ll be teaching you in this book.

When you use them, three things can happen:

1) You'll start to experience more clarity, happiness & peace in your life

2) You'll begin experiencing a deeper relationship with God

3) Your relationships will begin to thrive

That means…

live a more fulfilling & purposeful life

So here’s what I’d like to do for you.

The "cost" of this ebook is just $11.90.

As soon as you place your order, you'll get an automated receipt with a unique link to access the ebook so you can access it instantly through a mobile device or computer.

As a special gift, I’m also going to include the audio version of this book (which I narrated myself)

You’ll be able to conveniently refer to this book or the audio as often as needed to help you shift your beliefs and begin the journey of healing unresolved emotional trauma that's been weighing you down all this time.

But it gets better, because you’re also getting access to…

"The Gift of empathy" Masterclass

In my new masterclass "The Gift of Empathy" you'll learn how to master your highly sensitive nature as a Christian woman.

These simple but powerful techniques have been life changing for my readers as they push through stuck emotions and years of traumatic, toxic relationships & experiences.

The masterclass is waiting for you in a private Facebook group which you'll also get access to when you grab Kintsugi Heart today!

And in case you're wondering...

Yes! You get everything on this page for just $11.90 🙏

Thats not a typo.

Some people wonder why I'm offering this book, the audiobook, "The Gift of Empathy" Masterclass, plus access to the private group for only $11.90 if it's so helpful, while other coaching are charging thousands of dollars for their work.

The truth is...

I'm giving you this entire ebook as a means of "putting my best foot forward" and giving you real value so you can experience that first real transformation in your life in a way that feels authentic to you.

My hope is that this book will spark the beginning an uplifting healing journey for you and you'll be so impressed with the progress you make by learning and implementing the techniques in this book that you'll stick around and be part of my community that's filled with other like-minded Christian women on a journey to transform their life.

So there's really nothing to lose.

In fact, if for any reason you decide that this book isn't for you, I'll simply return your $11.90.

It's My "Love it or leave it" guarantee

Just email me or my support email within 7 days of purchase and I'll give you back your $11.90 with no questions asked and we can happily part ways.

No need to send anything back.

How's that for fair?

There's just one more thing...

⚠️ I can't keep this special offer available for long! ⚠️

Once the timer below expires, you won't be able to claim this special offer which includes the digital copy of "Kintsugi Heart", the audiobook, "The Gift of Empathy" Masterclass, plus access to the private group for just $11.90.

In fact, this whole page will become expired and look something like this:

Trauma is something that affects you and your family every single day, so don't wait...

Time is ticking ⏰

(Get everything mentioned above for just $11.90 now!)

Thanks for taking the time to read this letter and I look forward to hearing from you soon!

Elle Angel

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